Maida Vale Mistresses – Mistress Yvette

I’m a huge lover of TIE and Tease, to see my slave in pain for my pure pleasure is a turn on for me. I use my body as my biggest weapon with lots of my wicked imagination. I will make you completely ecstatic and wild from my ice sensuality, then to feel my hot teasing tongue to warm you is more than a slave can handle. My suspension is one of my favourite pieces of equipment it allows me to position you ready for me to wrap my body around you. To torment, tease and frustrate you beyond all control!!!!!!!!

I am quiet a affectionate Mistress and I’m always excited to meet a new transvestite my TV room is gorgeous with everything a girl could wish for. I love transforming men into beautiful elegant ladies, and my skills with cosmetics are legendary. I like a pretty girl so with my expertise and make up abilities that’s exactly what you will be. Of course let’s not forget to mention the amazing lesbian scene to follow. I will show you what I like to do to pretty girls.” So would you like to join my trannie harem and be my next girlfriend experience”????

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