#LondonMistresses – Mistress Annabel: Serious Kit Milking Mistress in London


Mistress Annabel is offering milking sessions for experienced players and nervous subs at Her London studio. There are many different shaped receivers, some electrified to take your milking fantasies and dreams to the next level under Her dominant and exacting control! There is also a full range of nipple milkers and a pussy milker for kinky couples to enjoy. Two people can be milked at the same time with the Serious Kit Milker and the Serious Kit Pulsating Vacuum suit will trap you and turn you into Mistress’s willing rubber toy! Lube will slide across your tight shiny body as the milker sucks on your most private body parts relentlessly!! Many e-stim options and breath control devices and a range of mirrors for you to see your treatments taking place. Ready for this?  http://www.lebanna.com/rubbermistress/ http://www.medicalmistress.wordpress.com
+44(0)7961 555085  #London #MedicalMistress #SeriousKitMilker #MistressAnnabel #RubberBondageMistress

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