#LondonMistresses – Miss Spiteful – Slutty TV …come here to me


Cross dressing is strictly enforced here and often violently. Be warned! It starts immediately you enter the house. No time for niceties. Girls are given clothes to wear, I don’t offer them a choice – this is not a change-away service.

I shall force you out of your clothing and into wearing high heels, stockings and suspenders, petticoats and silky underwear. I shall also want to see you dressed up wearing lipstick and make-up, just like a cheap tart. I’ll do your make-up for you and I have a gorgeous wig that’s just right for you. You’ll look so sweet.

If I dress you like a slut then I’ll expect you to behave like one. That means you will have to prostitute yourself and I shall be your pimp. I shall teach you and you can practice on my strap-on. You’ll like that, won’t you? Just like the girls on this page.

If you’re naughty, as all young ladies are at times, then I shall punish you! Be prepared to be tied up so you don’t get into more mischief but obviously, as you’re a pretty girl, you won’t be expected to have the same punishment as a man.

TV sluts are treated roughly because they need to be compelled to do what I want them to do. If they don’t then I can always find ways to intimidate them.


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