London Mistress Isis

I’m a beginner French dominatrix,very passionate in the art of seduction and domination, I’m currently in dominatrix training course, I want to practice with my clients and to be helped by you to progress fast. A Passionate, Audacious, and Responsive mistress who love her job and I’m curious enough to experiment all (or almost all) kinds of practices My imagination is vast … and will strive to meet all your expectations. On my side, what will indeed be my driving force will be the sweet perversity of our games. I will therefore enjoy with maximum pleasure to see you suffer for my favours. It is only through the delight of your torments that I will be able to reach full satisfaction. So your groans will be for me nothing but a delicious song of supplications, an exhilarating melody that I will never tire of hearing. Mistress Isis

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