New Request to Hertfordshire’s Mistress Annabelle


Hertfordshire’s Mistress Annabelle has had a new request from T.V Slut Jessica to join my stable of tranny’s which is very exciting as I am always interested in new meat.I have decided to interview her at my Playroom’s in Stevenage to see where I can train and refine her use for my worthy slut loving subjects and may even arrange a gang bang to see what see is really made off. Hertfordshire is definitely lacking in this department and I really need to start my stable party’s up and running again as they used to be so such fun. Well a very busy delightful day again for me, seeing lots of people who travel a long way to get to me in Stevenage and an added bonus of a new cash pig who’s wallet I will truly rape as Mistress has seen an amazing pair of Christian Loboutin shoes to add to her wardrobe so watch out for some sexy picture

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