#LondonMistresses – The Wickedest Girl


It is true that I was the wickedest girl in the school; nothing changes then, I suppose. Not only was I always plotting, scheming and getting others into trouble but I was (genuinely) always beating up the boys – with an unnerving competitiveness that was always targeted first and foremostly at the male sort.

So setting a scene not so unfamilar, this page is dedicated to my early beginnings as a Domme; although at the time I would have been somewhat innocent to the fact that my life would continue and flourish in the Femdom manner as seen today.

Sessions are available with the cruel and wicked headgirl (Mistress) alone or  with (recommended) her bestie – my Mistress in training.

Agree with me when I say that you will not regret the nasty games and punishments we will beset upon you. See the Headgirl gallery and enquire now at


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