#LondonBondassage – Ms Rebecca – surrender your body…

Bondassage is a uniquely kinky, sensory experience that invites you to explore submission, sensation and pure, mind-blowing pleasure in a safe, intimate and consensual environment.

A Bondassage session is designed to awaken and delight your body and soul through an erotic journey of the senses, comprising:

  • Light bondage with luxurious leather cuffs

  • Your complete submission to Ms Rebecca’s skilful, ecstasy-inducing hands

  • Sensory deprivation – which heightens your experience of My hands on your body.

  • Arousing, spine tingling, and luxuriously erotic full body massage

  • Sensually delightful impact play

  • Riding wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure

  • A journey of erotic bliss that has to be experienced to be believed!


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