London Mistresses – Antonia Davenshaw


It’s been tough, I know. You’ve searched high and low, over hill and dale. But at last you’ve found me: A beautiful, posh, english domina.

My desire to dominate men naturally led me into the world of business-the perfect environment for me to thrive. I have a stable of submissives who cater for my every need. They work hard at keeping The Boss happy – at all times.

When I’m not in the office, you might catch me thrashing the boys playing polo at The Royal Berkshire on a summer’s day, taking my sexy black Carrera GT2 for a spin, or perhaps shopping in the boutiques of Milan with one of my loyal servants to carry my bags… However,  my favourite pastime by far is to play with, tease, control and be pampered by men Just like you

My interests are varied. I am a particular fan of CP, specifically the cane and love to have my feet worshipped and caressed..There are many sides to my personality. I can be the cruel bitch whose sole desire is to laugh and humiliate you; perhaps I will smile as I hurt you; or simply tie you up and ignore you while I read the paper. It all comes so naturally to me as you will find out….

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