London Mistress Dominica de Sin – Caning

If you’re a seasoned player, and into the caning scene you will already know the mental preparation needed to make an appointment for a caning session can be daunting…

It’s that scary, but, exciting feeling you get in your tummy when you know you’re going to be caned in a couple of hours from now. And especially the feeling will be heightened knowing the caning is going to be administered by, a strict and beautiful woman such as myself,  who is capable of carrying out your punishment with hard, and accurate strokes, showing no pity or remorse!

I am quite aware of the benefits a hard judicial caning can offer; I really do like to cane severely, however, I must stress at this point I do make allowances for beginners limitations.

I offer stimulating, and erotic caning scenarios, where I will increase pain tolerance prelude to a hard caning, by starting with a hard hand spanking over my knee , followed by a flogging or paddling before the actual caning commences.

I love the cane it’s my favourite punishment tool, and it demands complete respect in every way. I am clever with the use of the cane, I cane hard and accurate, as you will no doubt find out when you come to visit me. You will cherish every single stroke I give you as your whole body craves for more.


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