Interrogation Bootcamp – Special Agent Bella, Special Agent Hunter and Special Agent Liza


In their most brutally intense Interrogation Bootcamp ever, Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Hunter are out for revenge. The “sub species known as man” had recently attempted to bomb the HQ of The Female Supremacy, resulting in The High Commandress declaring a state of martial law. So serious are the crimes of the sub species, Special Agent Liza from the Counter Terrorism Unit has been enlisted to support the two Special Agents in this insurrection.

For the first time, the full catalogue of eighteen clips is now available at the Interrogation Bootcamp C4S studio

Extreme interrogation, women in uniform, latex catsuits, leather boots, hat fetish, male submission, CFNM, verbal humiliation, smoking fetish, forced exercise, spitting, face slapping, fear play, corporal punishment, bull whipping, judicial caning, JOI, extreme humiliation, psychological warfare, isolation and much more!

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